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Stake Pool Offering

Earn your Cardano staking rewards in RUSD.

Participate and support us at no cost with possibilities to earn passive income.

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What is RUSD and why is this event happening?

RUSD stands for Redeemable USD. RUSD was the first ever stablecoin to see the light in the Cardano ecosystem, released in September, 2022. It is a fiat-backed stablecoin that you can mint and redeem for $1 whenever you want through the Shareslake dashboard.

It is common to see this kind of project resorting to private investors to bootstrap the initial liquidity, misaligning the soul of the project with the values of the end users.

RUSD has been developed by Shareslake without external funding, bootstrapped with the team savings and hard work. From people like you that have been involved in the Cardano community for a long time.

We want to be different, thus this event has been designed so that you can help us bootstrapping the liquidity at no cost for you, and have the opportunity to be part of this community. This event will help us distribute the vast majority of RUSD among the Cardano community, aligning the project interests with it.

Also, you will have the possibility to earn an NFT to mint and redeem RUSD at zero fees and other benefits that we are working to bring jointly with strategic partners from the Cardano ecosystem.

How does it work?

This is an uncommon Stake Pool Offering. Most projects run ISPOs to get funding for development. We have already developed and released the core of the project and this event is not intended to raise funds, but to increase the circulating supply of RUSD in Cardano. You will maintain the same net value whether you participate or not, so it is in your hands to decide if you want to support us.

By participating you will get rewarded with RUSD. You can withdraw RUSD to your bank account anytime at a 1:1 USD ratio. Of course, we would prefer you to support us by providing liquidity in DEXes, or just using it for payments.

All the ADA collected will be used to increase the circulating supply of RUSD.

You can join and leave the pool at any moment, getting the rewards of the periods that you participate.

The process works as follows:

  • 1. After each epoch we collect the ADA generated by the pool‘s minted blocks.

  • 2. The ADA is converted to USD.

  • 3. The USD is added to the RUSD fiat reserves.

  • 4. Delegators claim their RUSD through the Shareslake dashboard. It is distributed proportionally to the amount delegated to the pool.

  • 5. Delegators are free to do whatever they want with the RUSD, including redeeming it to send USD to their bank accounts.

If your wallet is delegated during 15 epochs or more with active stake you will obtain an NFT that will give you access to several benefits, such as minting and redeeming RUSD at zero fees. We are working toward strategic partnerships that will likely introduce newer benefits to our delegators.

Unlike other ISPOs where there is a fixed amount of tokens to distribute, the amount of RUSD is calculated depending on the ADA generated earned by the pool, thus, we decided to not set a strong termination date. Instead, we will communicate the end of the event 3-4 epochs (15-20 days) in advance so every participant has time to properly re-delegate to a different stake pool.

We want to highlight that you should not consider RUSD an investment, since it is not intended to change its value.

We are compliant with the regulations of several jurisdictions, thus, to continue making our best effort to properly follow all applicable laws, claiming the RUSD will require KYC verification.