Infrastructure for the Open Stock Markets of the Future

Bringing companies on-chain for a fair, accessible and transparent future market.

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The Open Stock Market Infrastructure


The stock/equity markets should be open, transparent and accessible.


The Shareslake Network and its fully stable ecosystem is the perfect substratum. We provide the infrastructure, anyone can benefit from it.

Why now?

Real world assets, such as compay shares, are being tokenized in general purpose networks, but the typical holders of those assets try to avoid crypto volatility. The Shareslake Network is basically powered by U.S. dollars, completely removing the volatility.


Brinding companies on-chain is easier in a fully stable environment, more when the environment can provide monetary benefits to them. After all, the fuel of companies are the funds.


Like Cardano mainnet collects fees to fund Catalyst, Shareslake will collect fees to bring companies on-chain.