A network powered by the Redeemable USD Stablecoin

A Cardano sidechain for fully stable blockchain use cases, no more volatility

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What is the Shareslake Network

A Stable Home

The home for all those use cases that can benefit from blockchain technology but cannot afford volatility

For Real World Assets

Real world assets are starting to get tokenized, but most of the people holding/trading do not like exposure to crypto volatility, Shareslake allows them to use blockchain technology just like if they were using dollars.

Based on Cardano

The Shareslake network is a Cardano network running as a sidechain, with the Redeemable USD (RUSD) stablecoin as base coin instead of ADA.

With All the Features

Everything you can do in Cardano mainnet on top of a fiat-backed stablecoin, just like if you were using dollars. From paying transaction fees, to earn staking rewards or interact with smart contracts.

Deploy with Easy

Deploy your Dapps or connect your off-chain code out-of-the-box. Take the code already running on Cardano mainnet and deploy it with no changes.

Fully Deterministic

Zero volatility, use Cardano technology based on U.S. dollars, and forget about price fluctuations. Implement payment systems without the fiat-crypto exchange complexity.

With an Innovative Concept

It is a new Cardano network bootstrapped from genesis and running as a sidechain of Cardano mainnet, but it can also be used as an isolated network with not dependency on the Cardano mainnet. Live since May 1st, 2022

How to connect

Network protocol parameters updates

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