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The first Cardano stablecoin, since September 2022.

A USD backed stablecoin

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What is Redeemable USD (RUSD)


Cardano needed a fiat backed stablecoin. RUSD is a USD backed stablecoin in a 1:1 basis.


We were the first, released in September 2022, and we are commited to be the #1 fiat-backed stablecoin of Cardano.


RUSD can be minted by adding 1 USD to a reserve, and each USD can be redeemed by cancelling one RUSD through the Shareslake Dashboard.


RUSD exists in both, Cardano and Shareslake networks. Through the Dashboard, you can mint and redeem to/from both networks.

The RUSD in both networks is equivalent. You can move it between the networks anytime using the Shareslake Bridge.


Trade RUSD in Cardano DEXes

POLICY ID: cd5b9dd91319edbb19477ad00cbef673a221e70a17ef043951fc6786

ASSET NAME: 52656465656d61626c65

Shareslake Dashboard


The Shareslake Dashboard allows people to interact with the fiat reserves.


The dashboard adds/gets funds to/from the USD reserve and issues/burns RUSD to/from the connected wallet.


If you need help setting up your wallet or passing through the registration process check the guide in the docs.

Support / Suggestions?

We encourage our users to join the Discord #dashboard channel for contacts, doubts, and suggestions.

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